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A safety audit with you in mind

It’s all about making your organization a safer, more enjoyable place to work all while lowering risk and being more cost effective.

A safety audit allows us to determine what processes are most helpful to your organization by:

  1. Increasing cost effectiveness
  2. Reducing risks
  3. Staying compliant
  4. Reducing injuries
  5. Increasing productivity

Dynamic Industrial Supply offers many onsite and offsite services to help your organization identify and reduce risks while staying compliant, increasing productivity, and making your processes more cost effective.

Safety audit services

We offer a range of safety audit services designed to help your organization stay safe and compliant.

Our Services include:

  • Calibration Service
  • Electric Arc Flash Service
  • Gas Detection Services
  • Lockout Procedure Services
  • Prescription Safety Eyewear Program
  • Employee Exposure Monitoring
  • Heat Stress Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Machine Guarding Assessments
  • Mobile Audiometric Testing
  • Mock OSHA Audits
  • Noise Monitoring
  • PPE Assessments
  • Process Safety Management
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Respirator Fit Testing
Safety Audit Services by Dynamic Industrial Supply

The Dynamic Approach

When you receive a safety audit, our consultants arrive at your location ready to begin! Dynamic consultants are experienced and educated in OSHA compliance and safety management. We will review your processes, facilities, working conditions, and more to keep you safe and compliant!

Our audits include:

Project, health, safety, and
environmental auditing
Product safety auditing
Process safety auditing
Dynamic Industrial Supply works with you to ensure the audit is tailored to your needs. If you only require a product audit, but not a process audit, we can do that! It all comes back to what your organization needs.
Our consultants will overview your projects, processes, and products to ensure you meet all health and safety standards, including the standards you’ve set for your organization. If areas of inefficiency are uncovered, we will work with your organization to improve those areas.

Ensure your workplace is safe for workers and OSHA compliant; request a safety audit consultation today!

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